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Cousin sleeping with girlfriend

I am a man of 32 and I got a phone call from my niece of 18 if she could stay with me with her friend who is also 18. With birthdays she always came to me for fun. On Saturday afternoon the bell rang and I opened the door. There the ladies stood in their mini skirts and navel shirts, I looked at them from head to toe, how beautiful the ladies looked. I said to the ladies walk with me, then I’ll show you the guest room. We walked upstairs together and they asked if they could shower, because it had been warm and a long journey. Sure you can take a shower I said. I walked downstairs again, but for a little while they called me.

I walked upstairs and saw that the shower door was open, they were standing naked. They looked great. Nice tight breasts with the nipples tight forward and called they had a bald pussy, I felt my cock growing. The ladies saw it, but said nothing. My niece stepped on me and grabbed me between the legs and rubbed my stiff cock. She put my pants down and my fat cock jumped out of my pants. What a big and fat dick she said, I’ve never seen or felt them that big. She started to rip me off and I was amazed and horny. I wanted to grab her by her pussy but she pushed me away and she stopped jerking me off. We’ll finish it, she said teasingly.

I dripped down with my stiff cock. After a while the ladies came laughing downstairs with only a long t-shirt on and so they sat down the whole time. In the found we had a drink together and at one point my niece said we are going to bed and she gave me a French kiss and then walked upstairs. After a while I also went upstairs and I saw that their bedroom door was open and that they both only had a little string on. I kept looking for a while and felt that knowing that was getting stiff. I walked to their bed and I pulled my niece’s panties aside and looked at her bald pussy. I started caressing her tangle and she started moaning a bit. I lay down behind her and put my fat glans against her labia, slowly my huge cock slipped into her pussy. She turned her head so she looked at me and said, fuck me hard. I rammed my cock into her and she hit a scream, which woke up her friend, who immediately said she wanted to join in too. She went with her head to my niece’s pussy and started licking it.

I took my dick out of my niece’s pussy and her friend started sucking me right away. My niece came in with her head and sucked me too, in turns they took my fat dick in their mouths. Then her friend wanted me to fuck her. She lay down on her back and I put my dick against her pussy. I smashed my cock all the way into her pussy at once. She screamed and tears slipped down her cheeks, it scared me and said I will take my cock out again. No she said I want to enjoy that fat cock of yours. I started fucking her faster and harder, she came shockingly ready and I felt that it wasn’t going to take long and I came deep into her pussy. My cock slowly slipped out of her pussy and the sperm slowly came out of her pussy. My niece went with her head to her pussy and started licking her clean. I kept my cock with her friend Dr. Mouth and he started sucking me greedy again. My cock got super stiff again. Now I want you to fuck me ready said my niece and she went down on her knees. Her friend crawled under her and started licking her and I stuck my stiff cock in her wet pussy. I bumped so fast and hard that she came shockingly ready, her pussy was covered in white horny.

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