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My niece Elmira

My sister has 3 children two of their own (boy and a girl) and an adopted girl of 15 during this incident, I have seen her grow up from her 9th she comes from The Hague she is the youngest member of my sister and brother-in-law.

She looks much older and gets a lot of interest from men of 20 years and older it doesn’t matter to her I notice it is an uber spontaneous young girl and looks like a young mature woman she is called Elmira and keeps her slightly Hague accent even though she grows here on the Veluwe open gymnastics very fanatically.

I am for the first time very impressed when she clearly shows that she is already much further, my wife is away to her favorite continent Asia and sits 3 weeks before that.
After we swam all the men are watching soccer at their favorite club, it’s not mine so I sit in the back and chat a bit with women who also have a lot of wine together some balls are already nice and they go into the evening.

Elmira has been sitting with us all day and playing with me in the water we skipped a ball with plastic rackets together with some friends.
When she comes back she dives into her caravan and has a short skirt on and there is no place left for all the stools plastic folding chairs sunbeds are already occupied by the noisy men because there is scored I drink cola by the way because I will soon go back to my house on the Veluwe where Elmira also lives.

I am dressed in a Tommy shirt and still have my swimming trunks on when she doesn’t see a spot and dives on my lap and presses firmly with her butt against my crotch so she says I have space.
Yeah you know what you choose some women tell a man who doesn’t watch soccer not to drink too much booze she laughs and chuckles just like a couple of girlfriends in the neighborhood.
But I feel Elmira wiggling over my lap and sanding I feel I feel …. no she looks back and feels my cock getting rock hard she is sanding with her pussy over my crotch she is naked under her skirt.

I slowly push her away from me sorry she says and see a little wet spot in my swimming trunks that is not mine it must be from her young teen pussy.
Hello I think it is my niece even though we are not blood relatives she is also far too young.
She chuckles and when I leave my sister swings me pregnant under the influence my nephew and Elmira when not paying attention she kisses me full mouth until soon she says uncle Jack.
She is almost 16 but on the way back I feel like fucking or have sex with women but not too young and not very old…

After a tip from my dietician I started to walk/harry and on my way home it is 22. 00 o’clock in the evening when I meet a young man of Moroccan descent and Elmira she sits on the back of her bike and she goes to her house my sister and brother-in-law are now on the same campsite without children and she sees me walking and calls hey uncle Jack and makes a hand kiss to me they cycle through but she makes a gesture of come along with her finger I think for a moment I see that now but she makes the same gesture again, I guess the boy is her age and she always makes naughty remarks to me from the age of 14.

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