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My stepmother caught

Hello I am Pieter (18 years old) and here I tell a story about my stepmother and me. My stepmother Marja (45 years) is a very beautiful woman. She has big breasts and a big ass.

I have always fantasized a lot about how great it would be to have sex with her. I wanted her to throw me on the bed and sit with her fat ass on top of my face so I could hurt her. I also wanted to play with her pretty big boobs. Even if I could only see her naked this would make my day great.

Unfortunately my stepmother wasn’t very busy with sex anymore I thought. So I never expected these fantasies to come true. And even if I would ever see her naked I would never dare to step up to her and have sex with her.

My real mother died. I live in a house with my stepmother. My father left us when I was young and my older brother is already out of the house. One day my stepmother was not at home because she went to see a friend. For me this was a good moment to enjoy myself. I went upstairs and looked in the laundry basket for some used panties and bra from my stepmother. Once I found them I went to my room. I looked for a good porn movie and started to pull myself off.

Most of the time I put the panties around my dick and took it off. However, this time I found it smelled so good that I decided to keep it by my nose/mouth.

I got very horny from the smell that I soon finished. The sperm spurted out of my dick and I let it all end up in my stepmother’s bra. This was so nice I thought but you have to see how nice it would be to really fuck her and get it in her face. But this will never happen she I immediately after it.

I put the panties and bra back in the laundry basket and dressed myself again. I was planning to search the house again for sex toys (which I probably wouldn’t find anyway) or other objects I could use as a sex toy. After about 15 minutes of searching I unfortunately didn’t find anything.

I went downstairs again and after about half an hour my stepmother came home. She didn’t know I was home from school and immediately went upstairs without having seen me.
I thought it was fine otherwise she would start whining that I had to do my homework again or some other job in the house. After my stepmother was home for fifteen minutes I decided to go upstairs to say that I am already home.

When I came upstairs I heard the shower was on so she was taking a shower. I saw that she hadn’t locked the door and I wanted to walk in “by accident”. When my hand went to the door handle I suddenly saw her mobile phone. Before I knew it I took it to see what my stepmother was doing.

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